Check Dispersal Policy

To receive a reimbursement check from Mineral Wells Center of Life a reimbursement form must be completed, with the original receipt attached and turned into the treasurer before a check will be issued.

If the purchase has not been made yet a check can be requested.  The recipient must complete the check form and sign their name.  After purchase has been made the receipt must be turned in to the treasurer no later than 2 days after receiving the check.

Checks will be filled out by the treasurer and 2 signatures must be on each check.  Qualified signatures are Tammy Lovell, Gwen Jones, Lisa Belding and Cindy Maness.

Paychecks will be dispersed on the second Thursday of each month at a monthly board meeting.  The payee will not sign their own paychecks, it must be signed by two separate authorized signatures.

All checks to pay bills must be approved by the Board and signed by 2 qualified signatures within 10 days of receipt.

Any checks requested over $200 must be approved by the Board.

Revised 11/17/2016